Not every business needs a $5,000 or $10,000 web site. Chances are your small business needs a simple web site that looks professional and has a few special features. I design web sites in WordPress, an open-source platform. It’s simple enough that the non-techie can make text and graphic changes,  powerful enough to integrate some pretty awesome functionality, and flexible enough that we can create a design and layout that will not look like a cookie cutter.

WordPress is built on a blog platform, but works great for static pages as well. It is hands-down the best platform for integrating social media and sets the industry standard for search optimization. For a fraction of the price of a big-time marketing agency I can design a website for you with social media integration, search functionality, Google maps, contact or other forms, email list sign-up, calendar plug-ins, news feeds or any of thousands of other functions. Themes are completely customizable so we can easily incorporate your logo and other graphics that define your brand. My web design services come with hands-on instruction too, so you won’t be held hostage when you want to make a change.

See some of my recent work: (Click on each image to view the website.)